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My husband and I moved to Surrey in 2017 and since then, we’ve had our two children. There’s so much happening here that I’ve always found it so useful to ask for recommendations, both being new to the area and as a new parent. The thing that is so important though is that you get an honest, unbiased and independent opinion. Many influencers are required to share reviews in exchange for a free product or service as a stipulation of the collaboration rather than being able to give a genuine, authentic recommendation. 

When I started my online magazine, The Clumsy Explorer, back in August 2019, my aim was to use it as a way to support and showcase local and small businesses. It’s enabled me to do that, whilst also allowing me to share things I’ve found helpful or places and activities I’ve enjoyed.

I’m getting increasingly more busy with visiting, reviewing and recommending etc. As authenticity is extremely important to me, I only collaborate with businesses that I believe have a similar ethos and that I think readers of the magazine/insta friends would like to hear about. You will have seen a few stories and posts regarding some of these collaborations, but I wanted to begin building in some structure to this. As of today (29.10.20) I’ll be following a tiered approach, which will establish some key criteria for future collaborations (Anything posted prior to this date has not been subject to this criteria, but have all been things I’ve given my honest views of). 

New structure

It’s important I clarify that I don’t collaborate with everybody who contacts me. Occasionally, I will be offered collaborations where I’ve really not felt we fit (either before or after visiting). If this is before, I don’t do them in the first place and if afterwards, I will not post or promote. 

Of those I do feel there is a good fit and genuinely enjoy, my input will now come in 3 forms:

  1. Posts & Stories (on instagram) for venues/businesses I think you should definitely check out
  2. Written reviews for those venues/businesses I think you ‘need’ to know about
  3. ‘Surrey Mumma Recommends’ (SMR) lists for those you really should do everything not to ‘miss out’ on

These lists will be live and will change over time and will be limited to 5 spaces per category. I’m hoping this will be a quick and easy way for like minded people to find things that they too will enjoy or find useful. 

Thank you for the lovely review, I’m so pleased you enjoyed yourself on Friday night. You’re experience was such a pleasure to read and we’re honoured to have made it onto The Surrey Mumma Recommends list for Eating Out.

Meganne, CuVee VIII

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