Top Tips for Staying Sane During Lockdown

It’s been four official weeks of lockdown in the UK now and if like me, you have a toddler to entertain, the days can feel long and the nights short! You may feel like you’re losing your sanity and also running out of ways to keep the tiny human occupied! So here are my topContinue reading “Top Tips for Staying Sane During Lockdown”

My baby sleeps through the night…

And other myths… How many times do you read or hear ‘my baby slept through the night?’, or ‘my baby eats everything on their plate?’ or ‘my baby took a bottle no problem? as well as many other phrases that to be honest, just make you feel like a pretty crap parent. We’ve been soContinue reading “My baby sleeps through the night…”

Bshirt….free your wardrobe!

It’s now been 6 months since our little man arrived and there have been many challenges as well as some of the most incredible moments we’ve ever experienced! One of the things I was worried about when baby arrived was if I would be able to breastfeed. We had quite a tough start as littleContinue reading “Bshirt….free your wardrobe!”

First Aid for new parents

As a new mum my first thought was “how on earth do I do this?!!!”….and one of the things that crossed my mind was ‘what happens if something goes wrong?’ (that’s normal right??).  Last week I was lucky enough to attend a fabulous first aid course put on @busylizzy_elbmbridge and run by Helen Stafford ofContinue reading “First Aid for new parents”

#Coppafeel #movember #smearforsmear

For those of you that know me IRL, you’ll know that the past few years have been difficult for my family because of the big ‘C’. Our family history unfortunately has a lot of cancer in it. My Nan passed away from lung cancer, my uncle passed away from bladder and kidney cancer. Then inContinue reading “#Coppafeel #movember #smearforsmear”