A little about me

I’m Tasha, I’m a 30-something living in Surrey with my husband and our little boy.  We moved to Surrey in 2017. I’d always lived in Cheltenham and my husband is originally from north wales but with the offer of jobs in London that we couldn’t turn down, we decided to make the big move.

Fast forward nearly three years, our little man is growing fast and we’re just trying to navigate our way through parenthood – colic, sleepless nights, teething and this incredible little personality that is developing every day! 

I want to share all the things I’m learning as a new mum but also to share some of the challenges and difficulties that we’ve had as it seems people always share the positives but the bits that are difficult, that keep you up at night, that make you question your ability to be a new parent are less easy to find! This can be so challenging for your morale and self-esteem and I think it’s important to share!

I hope some of what I write you’ll find interesting or helpful. If you use instagram, please tag me in your posts @thesurreymumma and if you like what you’re reading, please share. 

The Surrey Mumma x