Love, Learn, Grow: Go green with Victoria Place, Woking

VP Woking | Green Week

Focusing on how we can make a difference to the planet and create a sustainable future for the next generation has never been more important.

This week is ‘Green Week’ at Victoria Place and they have some amazing installations and initiatives on offer for the whole family to enjoy.

We started our day attending one of their family workshops. For us it was ‘Grow together’.

A chance for the tiny humans to decorate their own plant pot before taking it home ready to hydrate the compost tablet and plant the carrot seeds. (Different workshops on all week, check the timetable on VP Woking FB page for more info)

After the workshop, we had a good wander around the shopping centre and were so impressed with how engaged the various businesses were. To see full details of everything going on, collect one of the helpful guides dotted around the centre.

After the workshop, the first request of ‘things to see’ from the kids was Wilma the Whale. Situated in Jubilee Square is helping you recycle. Made from bio-sourced GMO sugar cane and featuring a drop off point for you to recycle your plastic bottles.

We then wandered through to Central Square, you’ll find a relaxation deck chair area with books on the power of plants, and also a few children’s books if you need a moment to pause in your busy day with the kids.

In Mercia Walk you’ll see the stunning leaf installation, also made from biodegradable bio-sourced GMO-free sugar cane. Don’t forget to look up!

Across the centre, there are so many other examples of how businesses are getting involved with Green Week.

🧥 There’s a ‘swap shop’ recycling point outside the old Debenhams for you to leave any good condition costs you don’t want anymore so that they can be picked up and reused by others. Let’s help everyone stay warm this winter.

☕️ Fancy a coffee? Taylor’s in Market Square are offering 10% off when you take your own reusable cup. And why not ask them for used coffee grounds – they make a great fertiliser (costa and M&S care are also offering used grounds for free). In @HotelChocolat you can also buy their ‘Podster’ which helps make your used Nespresso capsules completely recyclable by pushing out the coffee (which you could save for fertiliser) and leaving the plastic/aluminium casing ready to be recycled.
👖 A number of the fashion outlets such as @fatface @newlook @superdry @marksandspencer have sustainable fashion ranges. And @tkmaxxuk @hm @marksandspencer @clarksshoes are also taking your unwanted clothes to be recycled/reused.
🧺 Zero Waste Shop can help you learn all about refillable home essentials and even stock the fab @weareneat home cleaning products! Talk to them to get started on your refillable/minimal waste journey.

With so many interesting events going on this week, it’s one you won’t want to miss out on. Plus, there are so many helpful tips for how you can do your bit to be more eco-friendly.

*PR Invite | My family and I were invited down to the centre to see their Green Week in action and to participate in their family workshop. I was paid to attend however, this review is in my own words as per The Surrey Mumma Recommends ethos.

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