Mummy’s day out

Before becoming a mum, I’d think nothing of going to the gym and spending a few hours chilling in the jacuzzi followed by the steam room; getting a massage or doing my nails whilst a luxury was something I could book at the drop of a hat. However, since becoming pregnant, all that changed. Firstly there was the multitude of reasons why you can’t do all of the above (except maybe the nails!) and now that the little man is here, well the likelihood is pretty much non-existent at the moment.

However, for my first Mother’s Day, my amazing fiancé and my little boy put their heads together with a couple of the other NCT dads and babies and they booked three of us mummy’s in for a spa day at the wonderful Brooklands Hotel & Spa.

Our morning began with as much of a mammoth feed as we could give our little monkeys (so that they would then behave for their daddies whilst we used the spa) and then a fantastic full English breakfast in the Hotel Restaurant. The service was absolutely brilliant as was the food (and I may have had one too many pain au chocolats before heading on up to the spa!!)

On arrival at the spa, we filled in consultation cards and were told about the luxurious facilities available as well as what time our treatments were – yes, that’s right, the daddies had gone all out and made sure that not only would we get time to relax but that we would be well and truly pampered too!! I was booked in for a cranial massage and a facial but more on these later! we were shown to the changing rooms and provided with the softest robes and slippers for use during our day.

We were advised to book a slot in the sunlight therapy room and the mediation room which we did. Our first stop though, was to enjoy the steam room which was exactly what we all needed to blow away the cobwebs from the haze of our first 3 months of being new mummas!

We then made our way down to the sunlight therapy room where one of the therapists provided us with sunglasses for the beach and chilled Prosecco! We then made our way onto the sunloungers on our Bali beach (after a bit of a shuffle around from some of our fellow ‘holiday makers’ who’d not left enough sunloungers free together – let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be a real beach without having to ask people if they could move up a lounger or two now would it!! 🙈 The sun came out and we all laid back to enjoy our sunny paradise…….for all of FIVE MINUTES!!! Now come on, you have to be kidding, for the first time in 15 weeks, I’m child free as he’s chilling with daddy and I find it completely impossible to switch off and relax!!! So as to not disturb by lovely mummy friends, I started to read one of the magazines provided ‘Confetti’ a bridal magazine!! I read all about how to have the perfect wedding on a budget, all about how to pick the perfect honeymoon destination and then felt fidgety again. At this point, so did the other two thankfully!! So then we spent the next 15 minutes just chatting unsurprisingly, about what the babies and the dads might be up to!!

Once our time was up, we took our Prosecco and headed towards the outdoor jacuzzi! It was a bit nippy but with our Prosecco in hand, we got into the tub and oh my god, it was amazing!! Perfect temperature and so nice to be in the bubbles with the slight chill in the outside air! We could see the racetrack outside which made for an interesting watch as there were some white knuckle rides going on! A couple in the jacuzzi got ‘Prosecco envy’ and she sent her husband in to get her a glass!!

We stayed in the jacuzzi for about 20 minutes before it was time to dry off and head in for our treatments. We were called through for our treatments – two of us booked for a facial and cranial massage, the third booked for a facial and firming eye treatment.

Both treatments were incredibly relaxing. The cranial massage also included neck and shoulders – somewhere I couldn’t believe was so tense! 15 weeks of carrying little man, on top of 9 months of pregnancy had absolutely destroyed my upper back!! Then followed the facial which I’m not usually a fan of but having not looked after my skin as well as I should have since little man arrived, this was a welcomed treatment! The therapists were super lovely and focussed in on the areas needing the most attention – they were really good at helping me relax to the point that I almost fell asleep!! The only downside is the hour went far too quickly!!

Once our treatments were finished, we made our way to the meditation room – this was by far my favourite bit of the day!! A water bed in a warmed, dimly lit room with relaxing music playing. They even brought us another glass of Prosecco each! 20 minutes in here was just enough to really relax.

Then it was time for our spa morning to come to an end and for us to go back and join the munchkins and daddy’s!!

All in all, this was a fabulous first Mother’s Day and I just wish we could have these ‘mummy time’ spa days a little more often!!

Being a new mum makes you realise all the things you previously took for granted but also makes you understand the importance of looking after yourself – whether through going to the spa, having a bath with your favourite book or just curling up on the sofa with hubby whilst the little man sleeps!! A well rested, happy mumma makes for a happy baby!! And whilst it was lovely to have a few hours to relax and be pampered, I couldn’t wait to get back to my boy and have cuddles!!

What ways have you found to take some all important ‘me time’ since your little ones arrived??



You can find details of the spa here:


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